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Partners and Customers Research

There are several solutions that you can have, progressive steps aimed to achieve the goals that we set together.
Tools and strategies developed and dedicated exclusively to the Russian market, in Russian language, addressed to Russian companies. To propose on the market a structured and efficient showcase presentation of the company and the products, operate with experts in communications on the management of the contacts and the business.
We are, we become your outsourcing sales department, we work with the aim of finalizing agreements, contracts and sales!
  • Let your target market and identify the target;
  • We prepare textual and visual communication;
  • We manage the leads generated to cancel the language barrier;
  • Examine the reliability of Russian subject that aims;
  • We manage contracts / closing;
  • We are aligned with qualified partners for certification, packaging, logistics and transport.
Thanks to the Center your enterprise is introduced to companies in the major cities of Russia (15 with at least 1,5mio inhabitants). Indentifying production hubs, cities and growing companies where to initialize brand new business relationships.   
The so called "M1", the business mission, is the fastest solution to achieve the goals of the enterprise. Also structured with progressive steps, essential for setting the agenda of business meetings and your local assistance of qualified personnel duly informed ....

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Italia-Russia, circa 500 aziende italiane nel paese nonostante sanzioni Ue.

Circa 500 aziende italiane che lavorano in Russia hanno mantenuto una presenza nel paese nonostante le sanzioni Ue contro la Russia.



Mobile ed edilizia: i settori dove investire


Così come emerso dall’assemblea Gim Unimpresa, con la demolizione delle “khrushchevki” si apriranno nuove opportunità di business per le imprese italiane, che avranno la possibilità di offrire i propri servizi al governo. Il progetto riguarderebbe la fornitura di materiali edili e la produzione di mobili in serie per alloggi standard