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Virtual Office / Registered Office

In order to successfully set up your company in Russia it is strategically important to get a business address in Russia that is clearly indicated on all correspondence, brochures and other promotional materials. For this reason, the Virtual Office is one of the most requested and appreciated remote services by our customers.


It is worthwhile that the Virtual Office of your company was located in a prestigious business center and in case of business meetings a specially equipped room of the right size was available.


As our Virtual Office service we offer a wide range of personalized services that meet the needs of our customers. At your disposal are:


  • Domiciliation service and secretary: the postal address and office in a prestigious business center, organized for managing mails and incoming and outgoing phone calls;
  • Meeting rooms: it is possible to rent the rooms of different sizes, with a hostess service. The rooms are equipped with modern multimedia facilities;
  • Corporate office: an office of one or more rooms, elegantly furnished, independent and equipped with all amenities. It is also possible to get full time secretarial and commercial staff in the office.


The main advantages of the Virtual Office service for Italian companies, which plan to promote their products on the Russian market, are as follows:


  • Significant time savings regarding the opening of a new representative office on your own;
  • Minimum risks in the startup phase;
  • Remote secretary management without costly hiring employees;
  • Focus on the strategic goals of your business.


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Circa 500 aziende italiane che lavorano in Russia hanno mantenuto una presenza nel paese nonostante le sanzioni Ue contro la Russia.



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