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Business Intelligence

The Russian Federation offers significant opportunities regarding the local business development.


Our professionals in St. Petersburg and our partner MLF Switzerland in Lugano, Switzerland, provide assistance and investment consulting for business development projects in Russia.


It is possible to meet our experts in the head office in St. Petersburg and Moscow, or in the office of the MLF Switzerland, in Lugano.


Thanks to the highly qualified specialists and consultants, we assist our clients on the different stages of investment, help in the development of business opportunities, in the analysis and identification of the best strategies for obtaining permits / authorizations / licenses, in the selection of the main investment instruments.


An investor that decides to start up a business in Russia or to acquire an existing one will in any case take advantage of favorable tax rules.


Thanks to a network of contacts and an access to the principal business databases, we are able to provide a detailed list of available investment projects in different sectors, specifying information of each.


With an adequate assistance of our consultants you may schedule meetings on the acquisition of companies, business units, commercial activities or contracts that you chose in all the regions of the Russian Federation. Our professionals will give advice on a subject and supervise all your financial transactions.


Our company offers the following services:


  • Projects selection based on the best offers in the market;
  • Research of activities according to the investor needs;
  • Development of preliminary proposals for the approval and the registration of permits;
  • Support on validation documents according to the Russian standards;
  • Obtaining permits;
  • Checking of the legal status of the concerned structure;
  • Legal assistance in real estate transactions;
  • Getting the authorization and registration of your business in the communal area;
  • Presentation of your project to the Administrative Bodies;
  • Preparation of the documentation for licenses / authorizations / permits.


Every investor can be sure that each project will get personalized approach and will respond to the expressed needs and expectations, taking into account the necessary legal protection.

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Italia-Russia, circa 500 aziende italiane nel paese nonostante sanzioni Ue.

Circa 500 aziende italiane che lavorano in Russia hanno mantenuto una presenza nel paese nonostante le sanzioni Ue contro la Russia.



Mobile ed edilizia: i settori dove investire


Così come emerso dall’assemblea Gim Unimpresa, con la demolizione delle “khrushchevki” si apriranno nuove opportunità di business per le imprese italiane, che avranno la possibilità di offrire i propri servizi al governo. Il progetto riguarderebbe la fornitura di materiali edili e la produzione di mobili in serie per alloggi standard