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EAC Pre-Assessment (pre-certification)

The restrictions introduced from August 2014 in the interchange between the EU and Russia for some types of products and technologies have revealed the positive effect of the intensification of controls of goods and ancillary documents on the conformity of products.
A product that conforms to the origin or suchlike, before it is placed on a foreign market, guarantees to the producer the formal compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements of a specific market, effectively preventing further examinations that sometimes may be difficult to interpret for those who are in control.
Overseeing these aspects as well as ensuring a prompt and timely response to the requests of different parties, including the regulatory bodies, allows the company to gain a number of competitive advantages such as:
  • Minimize the impact of the production, time and cost adjustments;
  • Certainty of Ownership and Possession Certificates, Permits and Licenses;
  • Elimination of the "Power of Attorney" in favor of importers or other parties;
  • Punctual commodity and customs classification;
  • Reduction of claims and liability in case of anomalies;
  • Risk Reduction of possible litigation in the event of interruption of the relationship with distributors / importers.
The long experience gained by our certifying body and over 25 years of activity on the markets of the former Soviet Union, has contributed to the development process of a specific pre-assessment of products, equipment and machinery, aimed to confirm, before signing the contract or shipping, they meet necessary requirements of the product certification according to local standards or required by law for that specific type of products/ machinery.
The pre-assessment service is based on evaluation process aimed to identify all applicable requirements and to assess the compliance with the specifications. Its detailed analysis also contributes to the improvement of the supply contract and the terms of sale as well as any Product Liability insurances.
The report produced by an auditor’s expert covers the following aspects:
  1. Commodity classification;
  2. List of standards and applicable technical regulations:
  3. Gap analysis between Regulatory Technical Requirements and Specifications;
  4. Time and cost estimate of certification.
Finally, the costs of the pre-assessment service are completely recoverable by the subsequent certification process, due to the absence of substantial changes or regulatory variations the acquired technical files are transferred to the certification dossier.


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