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WE ARE RUSSIANS.... The Russian Center of Commerce is a Russian company, with the central office in St. Petersburg and a front office in Lugano, Switzerland.
The Center was founded as a spin off of the First Web Design Studio Ltd. http://websait.spb.ru, a marketing company in St. Petersburg, active since 2004.
The Center is specializes in supporting companies in the entrance to the market of the Russian Federation and to assist them in developing strategies and solutions to accelerate the cycles of slaes.
Foreign firms have great difficulty in the approach to the Russian market. The greatest needs are the remote administration, the language, the certifications and the legal framework, in addition to the difficulties of planning the right marketing strategies, meeting the expectations of this young, dynamic, rich and demanding market.
So, our professionals, have developed proposals and operational procedures which allow the formulation of complete and custimized projects , providing the most demanding clients a list of sound solutions built around the specific business needs, easy to use and successful.
Thanks to the activities of the Centre you can draw on a database of companies active on the whole territory of the Russian Federation, and achieve your goals!
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Italia-Russia, circa 500 aziende italiane nel paese nonostante sanzioni Ue.

Circa 500 aziende italiane che lavorano in Russia hanno mantenuto una presenza nel paese nonostante le sanzioni Ue contro la Russia.



Mobile ed edilizia: i settori dove investire


Così come emerso dall’assemblea Gim Unimpresa, con la demolizione delle “khrushchevki” si apriranno nuove opportunità di business per le imprese italiane, che avranno la possibilità di offrire i propri servizi al governo. Il progetto riguarderebbe la fornitura di materiali edili e la produzione di mobili in serie per alloggi standard